Partnership Marketing Programs

We’ve built partnerships with local and national businesses to help our clients drive parking revenue to their facilities. Our business programs highlight client properties as the preferred place to park among employees and members.

Employee Parking Programs

We make it easy for companies to provide their employees with tailored parking solutions suitable for one city, one province, or even nationwide. To assist parking customers with the cost of commuting, we work closely with businesses in developing and managing Employee Parking Programs.  These programs provide valuable employee benefits, including special monthly parking rates at locations convenient to their offices, co-branded preferred customer cards, fleet programs and pre-tax commuter programs. With these programs, we’ve directed significant customer traffic to our managed parking facilities and promoted them as preferred places to park on partner websites or linking programs.

Parking Widget

Our free web-banner allows local businesses and building tenants to promote SP+ parking locations near their store or office. We’ve created a custom web-based program that lets a business add a parking link icon to their site. Businesses can select from a library of icons that will fit on their websites. Once installed, the icon links customers directly to the  SP+ locations nearest to their destination and provides the address, rates, directions and discount parking coupons when they are available. Since the information draws from our city-based websites, all managed parking locations that are near the destination are automatically included in the parking widget results.