Search, Email and Social Media

SP+ leverages the latest technologies and methods to promote managed client parking locations. The solutions we use transcend traditional marketing techniques and can adapt to the ever-changing interests and needs of consumers in the new Digital Age.

Search Marketing

We leverage the latest in organic and paid search marketing to maximize search traffic and click-through rates to our city-based websites and customized parking guides. Working with a team of experienced online advertising experts, we utilize techniques such as search engine optimization to enhance organic search listing, as well as paid search programs to target specific consumer search keywords. Our campaigns are designed to help clients acquire the coveted “top of page” advertising spot for their location’s parking webpage.

Email Marketing

We help clients stay connected to their parking customers through email communications. Our direct-to-consumer email capabilities allow clients to promote special parking offers at their properties, as well as advise customers on special service changes at their facilities. With a new approach to communicating with customers, clients can enhance their relationships with existing customers as well as build their brand and visibility among new customers.

Social Media

The social media world is new, exciting and growing in volume every day.  However it can be a challenging and difficult vehicle to manage.  SP+ has experienced professionals who have experience in developing and managing social media campaigns and will assist our clients with efforts in these areas.  We are actively promoting programs with Facebook, Twitter and Google to reach consumers in the social media channels. Our programs have informed customers about events and special offers on Facebook, and used Twitter to assist customers parking at arenas and stadiums.  This space offers unique opportunities for SP+ and its clients to reach consumers and drive revenue.