Websites and Mobile Apps

Through the use of multiple platforms, SP+ is providing enhanced access to consumers that effectively promote client facilities through the latest in online and mobile technology.

Branded City Websites

Branded city websites offer clients a platform for promoting their facilities in conjunction with popular destination within a city. We’ve created more than 50 city-based consumer websites to promote parking at our managed client locations. Each city site is designed to enhance the customer parking experience by allowing them to easily search for  SP+ parking locations closest to their destination. They also provide information on daily and monthly parking, as well as special parking offers available in the city.

Under our marketing program we provide each of our managed client properties a customized Location Page that features a map and directions to the facility, parking rates and when available, the option for consumers to pre-pay for parking. If a managed parking location is within a reasonable distance from a special public event or popular attraction, we will also highlight the property as a place to park on our Attraction and Events Pages.

Mobile Apps

Our optimized mobile websites and mobile apps take our web based applications and enhance them with mobile capabilities to effectively support mobile consumers. Customers who are constantly on-the-go can now search for parking using their iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones or tablets identifying locations in over 50 cities. Our Parking App includes a GPS-based Parking Locator, Parking Address Search, “Take Me There” turn-by-turn directions via Google Maps, “Text N Go” to send an SMS to the garage for vehicle pick-up, a parking reminder to let customers know where they parked and when available, mobile coupons and online reservations for eligible locations.

For those customers that prefer not to download a parking app, SP+ has developed an optimized mobile website.  By specifically designing our website for use on smaller mobile devices we can improve the overall experience for those on-the-go users searching for parking online.

Custom Parking Guides

Customized multi-page online parking guides help clients aggressively promote their parking locations through a seamless user experience. Expanding on our website capabilities, we offer clients a custom multi-page online Parking Guide that is designed to aggressively promote parking. Each guide features important parking information which can be printed, downloaded, or emailed. Pages can also be custom-designed to feature non-parking related content about the location—such as information about services and amenities available at the building, neighbourhood attractions and special promotions, or include a tenant directory that links to each tenant’s website. In order to effectively support the on-the-go users, SP+ will develop an optimized mobile version of the parking guide that allows for an enhanced user experience on the smaller mobile devices.

Online Purchases

Our online purchase systems can be integrated into multiple platforms and make it simple for customers to pre-pay for parking or shuttle bus seating. Through the use of our online payment systems Click and Park, Click and Ride and additional monthly parking sales tools, SP+ allows customers to make purchases online before they arrive at their destination.

We’ve eliminated the time spent on searching for parking or shuttle bus seating by allowing customers to conveniently pre-pay online for special event, daily and monthly parking, as well as reserving in advance their shuttle bus seating. We can also provide customers with detailed directions to help them reach their destination quickly and safely.