SP+ University Services – Experience is the Difference

SP+ University Services

SP+ University Services, an operating group of SP Plus Corporation, provides comprehensive services backed by the collective capabilities of an industry leader. Focused specifically on the unique needs of the higher education marketplace, our university division was founded with the understanding that best practices established at commercial operations do not necessarily translate to a campus environment. Committed to working in partnership with the institutions we serve, we routinely deliver superior parking, transportation, event and ancillary services that both improve levels of service and boost net income.

Our university specialists have “walked in your shoes.” Roamy Valera, Senior Vice President is regarded as an industry thought leader who brings decades of practical experience and training to address the entire spectrum of campus access. Casey Jones, Vice President served as parking and transportation director at two Division I institutions before joining the company. He also provided consulting services to many universities and colleges while further developing his deep institutional skill set. Brett Munkel, Director brings deep experience from his work as a consultant, and has a long and successful tenure partnering with SP+ clients to improve their parking experience and positively impact their bottom line.

All three members of our team are Certified Administrators of Public Parking (CAPP)—the most coveted and respected professional credential in the parking industry that requires a two-year program of study offered by the University of Virginia and International Parking Institute.