Parking Facility Planning

We partner with parking design consultants on traffic analyses and recommendations for parking layout, canopy and graphic design, lighting, and signage. We continually look for opportunities to improve operational efficiencies through space reconfigurations or other facility improvements, and for customer service enhancements such as automated exit technologies and loyalty programs.

We help clients select and install automated traffic and revenue control equipment, often leveraging our expertise and buying power to deliver significant cost savings. We also advise clients on green alternatives such as energy-efficient lighting and alternative fueling options.

Our services can provide:

  • New facility design
  • Specification review and project management
  • Space reconfiguration
  • Graphics/wayfinding systems
  • Dynamic signage and space locator systems
  • Lighting/security
  • Automated traffic and revenue controls
  • Customer service enhancements
  • Utilization and rate projections