Shuttle Buses


Our wide array of vehicle and service options allows us to provide the most effective and efficient transportation solution for any airport’s needs. Whether fixed route or on-demand service, transit-style or cutaways, we run hundreds of shuttle buses in airports across the country. Airports across the country rely on us to transport their passengers and personnel safely, comfortably and conveniently. Whether boarding a four-passenger courtesy cart or a 40-foot transit-style shuttle bus, each passenger is provided with a clean, well-maintained vehicle and a courteous driver trained to make safety the first priority.

After assessing the airport’s transportation needs, we assist the client with fleet procurement and vehicle integration. We ensure that buses are equipped with the latest safety and communications systems and continually monitor them for future upgrades. Our state-of-the-art preventative maintenance programs maximize fleet life and minimize long-term costs.

Our transportation-related services include:

  • Inter-terminal and airside busing
  • Public and employee shuttles
  • Consolidated rental car shuttles
  • Procurement and maintenance
  • Alternative fuel specifications
  • Transport Canada compliance
  • Routing, scheduling and service level analyses
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • GPS and safety technologies