Car-Sharing Services

zipcar-xmall-logoZipcars are available in more than 100 of our parking locations in cities throughout the U.S., and at over 50 locations in NYC. The list keeps growing, so look for the “Zipcars live here sign each time you visit one of our locations.

Why Zipcar?

If you live in New York and don’t have a car or occasionally need a second car, Zipcar’s shared car service is a great way to have the convenience of wheels when you want them and to save on the expense of car ownership when you don’t. As a Zipster you have access to over 5,000 cars in 13 major markets and 200 cars alone at selected SP+ locations in the New York Metro area.  And don’t worry about things like gas and insurance – it’s included in your Zipcar rate!

Convenience and Savings Not Enough …
Then How About a Little Environmentalism?

Sometimes walking, biking and mass transit are not viable options and you need a vehicle to help you run errands or just escape the City for a while. Our partnership with Zipcar reduces congestion, pollution and dependence on oil by offering the following benefits:

  • Each and every Zipcar takes 15-20 personally-owned vehicles off the road.
  • After joining Zipcar, 90% of their members drove 5,500 miles or less per year.
  • Zipcar members save more than $500 annually (vs. car ownership).