Custom Parking Widget

We offer businesses and organizations the ability to create a free “web banner” for their website, providing visitors an area map and nearby SP+ facilities. When website visitors click through the banner, a map generated on shows the business’ location and surrounding SP+ facilities, along with parking discount coupons (where available), rates and additional location information. The free banner tool is perfect for increasing foot traffic to a neighborhood restaurant, the local boutique or a family-owned bakery, simply by copying and pasting customized HTML code into an existing web page.

Business owners or webmasters can create their free parking banner through a few easy steps. Simply visit your city’s homepage, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the “Add Parking to Your Website” link.

On the “Add Parking Info” page, enter the company name and address to create a widget for the businesses’ web site. The person entering the information can choose the color and size for the banner, along with a parking logo. Once created, the customized HTML code is generated, allowing for an easy copy and paste into the website. A multitude of pre-set sizes are available, making it easy to incorporate. Users can see a live preview of the button, as well as test what end-users will see when clicking through.