Multiple Service Lines

We are committed to developing enhanced services to meet the demands of our managed clients. To deliver high levels of quality and service, SP+ offers a wide array of premier service offerings that includes:

  • Parking. We can deliver parking services and technology on a national scale. No other parking company has the professional and experienced management infrastructure to deliver so many services to so many areas.
  • Transportation. Driven to excel, we field a well-maintained fleet of vehicles that run like clockwork, while our employees strive to provide responsive and reliable service to customers.
  • Security. We safeguard our clients with a well-trained professional team and state-of-the-art systems. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, cost-effective, customized protection for all types of properties.
  • Facility Maintenance. Maintenance does more than keep a property clean. It shows how much management cares about its tenants, residents and visitors. Our top-notch maintenance services help demonstrate that commitment can enhance the value of the property itself.
  • Event Logistics. Bridging the integral elements of transportation that are essential to all events and venues, we focus on managing the flow of people to places.