Technology Integration

We utilize the latest technological innovations to reduce traffic congestion, carbon emissions and attendee stress, and to enhance parking and ancillary revenues for the venue.

Click and Park and Click and Ride

These seamless, Web-based technologies let people reserve and pay online for parking spaces or bus seats. For consumers purchasing pre-paid parking, our proprietary  Click and Park system also can provide customized routing directions based on integrated traffic volume and roadway capacity formulas designed to minimize traffic congestion and expedite travel times. Attendees using our proprietary  Click and Ride system to reserve shuttle bus transportation know where and when to board, confident they’ll find a seat waiting for them.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking keeps us in constant communication with the bus fleet and drivers transporting attendees to the event. We can track hundreds of vehicles at once, receiving automatic updates every few seconds. Virtual fences alert our control centre whenever a vehicle enters or leaves preset zones or exceeds defined speeds, keeping every vehicle and its passengers on track.

Spectator tracking

By counting attendees and tracking pedestrian traffic, electronic systems help venue operators better anticipate maintenance and cleaning needs, optimize ad placement and determine ad effectiveness. The systems also help clients develop and refine emergency response and evacuation plans.