St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Case Study

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is one of Canada’s largest healthcare providers; serving more than 2.3 million residents of Hamilton, Central South, and Central West Ontario. Like many other institutions facing budget shortfalls, the multi-site hospital turned to SP+ Healthcare Services to find innovative ways on reducing parking costs without affecting its level of customer service.

SP+ Healthcare Services recommended the client centralize their auditing and accounts receivables processes and manage all six of their parking locations through one centralized office. Our experts helped Hamilton with the transition process by installing new CCTV, Intercom, and revenue control systems at the parking locations, and developing online software to support the equipment. By centralizing the administrative processes, SP+ Healthcare Services was able to significantly reduce on-site management costs for the client, while creating a more efficient parking operation.

These changes, however, did not affect the level of service that is offered to parking customers. SP+ Healthcare Services ensures customer service representatives are available at all sites during regular business hours. During off-peak hours, intercom and CCTV monitoring is transferred to the central office, eliminating the need for overnight on-site customer service representatives, while maintaining timely responses to customer inquiries.

Centralization of the parking operations reduced payroll costs for St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton by nearly $320,000. Remote monitoring systems and consolidation reflect the proactive actions taken by SP+ Healthcare Services to increase efficiency and hold down costs at multi-facility parking locations.