Parking Management

Nearly every major medical centre is either expanding its parking capacity or stretching existing facilities to their limit. Based on demand projections, we ease crowding at existing facilities with solutions from stack parking to redesigning the layout with more spaces. We provide expert advice on design, security, and automated traffic and revenue control equipment.

Our staff works with clients in creating training programs and refresher courses that tailor to each facility. In many cases, our staff goes through orientation alongside hospital employees, helping them understand and become better aligned with the institution’s culture.

We also offer traditional and interactive marketing programs to support our clients. From entrance signage to QR-code enhanced parking reminder signs, online pre-purchase to custom SEO-driven parking guides, we can promote parking and other services offered at clients’ healthcare facilities.

Our services can provide:

  • New garage development
  • Demand forecasts
  • Revenue/expense projections
  • Rate recommendations
  • Premier amenity programs
  • Graphics/signage
  • Automated traffic and revenue controls
  • Monthly parking/validation management