Parking Management

airport-parking-managementNearly every major medical centre is either expanding its parking capacity or stretching existing facilities to the limit—or both. Based on demand projections, we ease crowding at existing facilities with solutions from stack parking to redesigning the layout with more spaces. When new facilities are needed, we provide expert advice on design, security and automated traffic and revenue control equipment.

We help nurture the professional image of our healthcare clients. Our operating systems and procedures combine efficiency and economy with courtesy and convenience.  We have helped numerous medical centres in eliminating abuse in their free and discount parking ticket programs. We offer software that allows patients and visitors to obtain discount coupons or pay for parking online before visiting the campus and thus eliminate parking concerns for arriving patients and visitors.

Our services include:

  • New garage development
  • Demand forecasts
  • Revenue/expense projections
  • Rate recommendations
  • Premier amenity programs
  • Lighting/safety
  • Graphics/signage
  • Automated traffic and revenue controls