This upgraded level of remote management seamlessly connects with existing revenue control systems, allowing for real-time management of a facility’s revenue control equipment and customer interactions.

Proactive Exception Management

Command Center specialists provide aggregated exception counts along with detailed exception issue logs for more accurate tracking and reporting of exception transactions. By meshing with the PARCS system, remote management allows for the processing of lost and unreadable tickets, ensuring maximum revenue capture. Centralized monitoring and reporting of all exception transactions provides the basis for plans to address the causes of lost revenue.

Equipment Monitoring and Repair

In addition to exception transaction management improvements and better accounts receivable controls, remote management allows for the early identification of equipment issues and the deployment of repair and maintenance personnel to minimize equipment down time.

Reduced On-Site Labour Costs

The advanced features of remove management allow for the incremental reduction of the on-site staff. The implementation of voice capabilities for direct access to customer service through the Command Center, coupled with exception transactions managed entirely by Command Center specialists, allow clients to reassess their on-site resource needs and achieve meaningful on-site staff cost reductions.

Integrated Voice and Video Monitoring

Video cameras expand on-site monitoring capabilities. Cameras can be operated in conjunction with audio communications at appropriate customer interaction points, including entrance and exit lanes, pay-on-foot stations and pedestrian entrances and exits. This monitoring improves the internal visibility of the parking facility.