Leadership and Development

We have created learning and leadership programs for individuals to refine their skills and build new ones. We believe that by investing in the future of our people, we are investing in the future of our company.

SP+ University

SP+ University, our in-house web-based training system, taps the internet as a training resource to supplement formal classroom and frontline training programs. We have found that the wide array of skills that we require—from technical skills such as accounting procedures and computer efficiency, to management skills such as employee development, customer service proficiency, and the ability to successfully delegate and supervise others—necessitates the use of several training methodologies. We use video-based classroom sessions, self-directed learning packages, and computer-based training programs to form a comprehensive, effective program that provides management employees with the tools they need to needed to successfully perform specific job responsibilities.


Our Mentoring Program pairs mentees with mentors in order to help them develop professional skills, network, and advance in their careers.


SP+ offers qualified employees an opportunity to apply for a scholarship to continue their education or seek professional training to further their career goals.