Chicago Navy Pier

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, just east of Chicago’s downtown, Navy Pier is one of the country’s most unique recreation and exposition facilities. With more than 8.6 million visitors each year, the Navy Pier on-site parking garages are often taxed to the limit. SP+ Municipal Services reviewed the situation with the client and developed solutions to keep traffic moving and garages accessible.

With our recommendation, the client installed new automated parking equipment and implemented a flat-rate pricing structure. Our team supervised the installation of pay stations at various locations throughout the Navy Pier, which allowed visitors to pay for parking in advance, or at any time during their stay. The new equipment resulted in improved customer service, a reduction in multiple cashier shifts and overnight staff, and improved financial reporting.

Simultaneous with the automated system for guests, we also implemented an automated system for Navy Pier employees. Those with identification badges issued by Navy Pier can access one of three pay stations to add value directly to their cards, and can also use the badges as access credentials. The system can provide discounted rates and complimentary parking as part of an employee recognition program.

Navy Pier is a unique destination, showcasing amusement rides, restaurants, exhibitions, entertainment venues, shopping, dining cruises, and tour boats. Our parking operations support these activities by accommodating all types of facility users and their associated traffic patterns. With our expertise in automation and flat-rate pricing, we help Navy Pier maintain its position as the number one tourist and leisure destination in the Midwest.