Parking Meters and Enforcement

SP+ Municipal Services uses state-of-the-art single and multi-space meter technology as well as alternate forms of payment including smart cards, online reservations, and mobile payments. Our systems sync with next-generation meters that retain collection and auditing data, track meter-usage patterns and log violation information. Agency administrators and clients can access this data, in addition to monthly financials and detailed backup reports, at their convenience using our web-based software.

Our operations are supported by our municipal services team and train our parking staff to serve as ambassadors for the cities we serve. Each employee is trained to be knowledgeable about local parking codes and province statutes so they can provide informed customer service coupled with strict enforcement of parking rules. Our compliance officers are equipped with the latest tracking technology to quickly retrieve vehicle information and issue parking citations when appropriate.

Saving cities the time and effort inherent in collecting fines from local and out-of-province-drivers, we implement strict procedures to help public agencies collect revenue quickly and efficiently. We track vehicle violations through specialized computer software, handheld scanners, and devices, and our online systems allow violators to securely pay their parking fines. For additional enforcement, we can supply booting and towing technology for use on vehicles associated with unpaid parking tickets.

  • Meter installation and maintenance
  • Multi-space technology
  • Single-space solar credit card technology
  • Pay-by-cell phone technology
  • Revenue collection and auditing
  • Revenue and data tracking
  • Computerized ticketing
  • License plate recognition
  • Parking patrols
  • Booting/immobilization
  • Towing and storage
  • DMV owner notification
  • Adjudication
  • Fine collection (including out-of-province)