Elford Development Garage, Columbus, OH

“Elford Development has been with SP+ since the inception of our garage in June of 2013. We worked together to choose and select the right equipment and staffing for our first steps into the garage business. SP+ has been a solid stakeholder in our garage operations and has always been willing to mentor us along the way. This can be a challenging process for we have many that need served – our governmental partner the finance authority, the partners in the garage, and of course the patrons who expect a positive and memorable experience every time. Like most things, this starts and stops with extraordinary customer service and that is what we get with SP+.

Early on we asked if we could link into a network that would bring video and audio to our patrons – answer YES. We wanted timely accounting and cash disbursements – the result was YES. We incurred broken gates, power outages, and security issues – result was ON MY WAY, WILL HAVE SOMEONE THERE IN 5, OR HERE ARE 3 DIFFERENCE COMPANIES THAT CAN HELP.

Always the answer is yes. I think there is a big support and depth within this company, and I have seen many individuals come and go with similar skill sets, but today is different after 4 years. Now I truly “know what we know and what we don’t”. My 100% trust in this business is with my key contact from SP+ – Jon Brown. He is the primary reason why we are here as a successful garage in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, location is key but the execution of the operations becomes mission-critical and Jon Brown is the best. Second to none on being the best customer service oriented person, the straightest shooter with advice, and the most honest guy who tells me when I am wrong – which in my business, is VERY important. I view Jon and a colleague, a friend, a partner, and someone who ALWAYS does what he says he is going to do. The definition of “I’ve got your back.”

We field calls monthly about people who want our garage business, and there are those who say that they can do more for us that SP+ and I always say – you have no idea what kind of customer service I get from Jon and SP+, and frankly speaking it would be tough to look Jon in the eye and say he is not doing a good job. He always does.”

Jeffrey E. Meacham
Vice President, Partner
Elford Development, Ltd.