NSO July 4th Celebration

The SP+ Support Office in Nashville hosted several events in celebration of Independence Day, and to raise money for The Nashville Rescue Mission. As a result of their week-long efforts, the office raised $1,400 in donations to the charity.

The Nashville Rescue Mission provides basic needs, such as food, shelter, and clothing to the local community. Additionally, the Rescue Mission sponsors an outreach program called the “Life Recovery Program,” that helps individuals who suffer from abuse or addiction.

The Nashville team are proud sponsors of the Mission, and in order to continue their support, as well as celebrate the Fourth of July, they hosted the following events at their office:

  • Cookie Monster Blast – A cookie baking contest held among employees. Sam Black from the Client Services department won among 17 entries with his delicious Charleston Cherry cookie.
  • Office Games – Games were offered throughout the week during employees’ break times, such as Skee Ball Bounce, Football Toss, No-Net Beach Ball Volleyball, and Frisbee Toss. (Yes, all held indoors without leaving a scratch on the walls!!)
  • BBQ Party –The celebrations ended with a BBQ luncheon featuring the entire team gathering to eat and socialize.