Lead Supervisor
MKE Airport – Milwaukee, WI

Beth, our Lead Supervisor for MKE Airport in Milwaukee, WI shares a story on how she goes above and beyond to deliver excellent service.

Q: Can you tell us the story behind this tweet?


A: “I was walking out of the garage at our facility and speaking with a cashier when I noticed that a car that appeared to have two flat tires had stopped in front of the plaza. I approached the vehicle, turned on the strobe lights and asked the customer if everything was all right. She told me that the TMPS light came on while she was driving to the facility, so she is waiting for a tow truck to pick her up.

I asked her a few questions pertaining to the tires and thought perhaps the new tires were not sealed properly. I asked if she would like me to try to fill the tires with air, in an effort to save her from a tow charge. She happily said “yes.” As I filled the rear tire, I noticed a large slash. I then saw that the front tire had the same slash. I showed her what the issue was, and let her know that I was unfortunately unable to do more.

I was called away to tend to another customer but told her that if she needed anything else, she can call me at the office. I also explained to her that I will come back and check on her later. As promised, after I finished assisting the other customer, I checked on her to see how she was doing. She thanked me for all my help and asked for some information to contact the managers about me. I gave her the information and said goodbye.”

We thank Beth for her hard work and dedication over the last 16 years.
Keep up the good work!