Command Center

SP+ Remote Management Services-Command Center

Advanced Command Center capabilities allow highly-trained specialists to monitor, identify and handle virtually any situation remotely, ensuring efficient operations and optimal facility performance, while delivering consistent customer service levels.

Command Center Operations

The Command Center, headquartered in Austin, Texas, monitors client facilities in real time through connection to a client’s revenue control system and the latest in audio and video technologies. These advanced capabilities allow center specialists to remotely monitor, identify and handle any situation.

A seasoned team of parking professionals – with years of experience in the parking industry – staffs the Command Center. With an in-depth knowledge of parking operations and a thorough understanding of automated parking technology, the team is uniquely qualified to support remote parking management solutions.

Command Center Specialists

Our highly qualified and trained remote management services specialists deliver unparalleled support for facility monitoring, customer service, account management and data center operations. To deliver on our commitment to best-in-class facility operations and exemplary customer service, we provide our skilled remote management professionals with specialized training and coaching in the areas of customer service, account management and data center operations.

Customer Service

Our customer service specialists are specifically trained to monitor facility operations and directly resolve customer service issues when they arise. Voice and video capabilities – coupled with immediate access to exception transactions, revenue control equipment and accounts receivable systems – allow specialists to address customer issues as they arise. Service capabilities also include the appropriate handling of damaged or lost tickets and unreadable credit cards. In addition, we will tailor our service delivery to meet your requirements at each of your facilities.