Administrative Support

SP+ Transportation Performance Reports

Our automated parking solution includes account managers to provide complete remote back-office business management assistance.

Financial Management Support

Account specialists can manage certain financial activities offsite, in a controlled environment. The centralization of booking, exception transactions management, accounts receivable controls and revenue management enhances the cost efficiency of the parking garage office.

Accounts Receivable

Through proprietary software, we can integrate a client’s accounts receivable monitoring with its revenue control equipment. This integration streamlines operational management and improves accounts receivable reporting and controls. Revenue is accurately tracked, collected and reported.

Validations and Tenant Lease Management

Through proactive management and enhanced online capabilities, we can provide more consistent management of tenant leases and monitoring of validation programs. This ensures the timely receipt of building revenues and positive relations with tenants and parking customers.

On-Site Labour Cost Reductions

Combining advanced on-site automation capabilities with complete remote management of customer service and back-office financials allows for a significant reduction of on-site staff and associated costs. Certain on-site positions may no longer be necessary.

Local Support

Once a facility migrates to remote management, local facility staff still remains available to address local issues that can only be resolved in-person. Remote management provides greater flexibility to allocate staff to on-site only tasks, such as marketing and maintenance.