Intercom Monitoring


The first step in the implementation of an effective remote management solution is the integration of automated pay equipment with their associated support processes. Intercom monitoring delivers capabilities that are the foundation for a completely automated and expandable parking solution.

On-Site Equipment Automation Management

Service specialists, working with our technology integration group, address the need for any new automated parking facility equipment. We’ll work closely with the manufacturer of your Parking and Access Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) equipment on layout and operational design to maximize performance and customer satisfaction.

Flexible Remote Management Hours

Once installation is complete, we can provide 24/7 or after-hours remote facility management through our professionally staffed Command Center. For locations wishing to utilize on-site staff during normal business hours, our remote monitoring can support after-hour operations.

Improved Overnight Operations and Revenue Capture

Through the use of automated equipment, voice-to-voice monitoring, exception transaction management and remote gate operations controlled by Command Center specialists, clients can have around the clock operations without the expense of additional on-site staff. Expanded hours of operation enhance a property’s revenue stream.