Staffing and Training

sp+ transportation staffing and training

Through careful hiring and comprehensive training, we deploy a team of professionals whose high performance levels are commensurate with our clients’ commitment to excellence. Our employees understand the critical importance of their collective role as the first and last points of contact with the parking facilities we operate.

All candidates for employment undergo a rigorous hiring evaluation and testing process. We conduct a background check  for each new hire as a means of evaluating the applicant’s ability to meet our character and performance standards relating to integrity, professionalism, excellence and customer service.

We recognize the importance of investing in our employees, and are committed to cultivating their talent to ensure capable, dedicated and professional job performance. All employees receive comprehensive training that addresses the full range of knowledge and skills they need to successfully perform their assigned job function. To facilitate career advancement, our SP+ UniversitySM learning management system houses a curriculum of comprehensive training programs for every level of our organization so that employees can obtain the additional training needed to promote a smooth transition to new responsibilities.

Employment program characteristics include:

  • Proprietary SP+ UniversitySM training system
  • Professional in-house training staff
  • Career development planning
  • Recognition and rewards programs
  • Automated workforce management