Technology Integration

Our technology solutions optimize facility pricing and performance while enhancing amenity programs that strengthen customer loyalty. Our auditing procedures are integrated with parking facility revenue applications for both monthly and transient parking.

Click and Park

click-and-parkClick and Park is an internet-based, fully-hosted system that allows customers to reserve and pre-pay their parking fees and obtain customized directions showing them what route to take to the facility, specifically where to enter the facility and where their designated parking space is located. The Click and Park routing system has the ability to automatically change routes to use alternate roads after the engineered capacity of any given roadway is reached, thus minimizing congestion and travel time, as well as improving revenue and customer satisfaction. Our  Click and Park technology can be customized to accommodate the special needs of varying market properties, including event venues, universities, commercial centres, medical centres, hotels, airports, residential properties and municipalities. Because Click and Park is an engine that works behind a client’s (or a client’s partner’s) website, consumer loyalty remains with our client.

Parking Reminder Systems

We can implement a variety of systems to help our parking customers remember where they parked and find their way back to their vehicles.  Examples include the installation of signs with QR codes that are specific to the parking section in which they are displayed, which when scanned enable the customer to receive a text message indicating where the customer parked.  Alternatively, we can install an audio-visual based musical theme floor reminder system, in which a different song is played in the elevator vestibule of each parking level – accompanied by related graphics and signage.

Electronic Tags

We protect customer information and improve revenue integrity either by providing monthly parking customers with unique electronic tags to display on their vehicles or by using specific license plate information. With this technology, parking attendants can search for a customer’s account or vehicle information simply by scanning a tag or license plate using handheld readers that integrate with our internal accounts receivable system.