Parking Management

SP+ Municipal Parking Planning and Design

Our experts helps maximize retail parking revenue and profitability. By coupling our experience and expertise with state-of-the-art automated parking systems, we can improve traffic flow, reduce operating costs and increase revenues. Using competitive market rate analyses and validation programs, combined with our customer service and amenity programs, our professionals create customized parking management solutions that maximize revenues and enhance customer satisfaction levels at the same time.

Our parking professionals advise clients on lighting, security, signage and automated traffic and revenue control equipment.  Signage specialists create parking facility graphics compatible with each property’s brand identity.

In addition, we can provide prompt and courteous valet service that reflects well on the retail properties we serve.  Because we typically control a large number of parking spaces in nearby facilities, we’re able to provide extra parking capacity to meet peak demand during busy holiday seasons.

Our services include:

  • New facility design
  • Facility reconfiguration
  • Graphics/signage
  • Lighting/security
  • Automated traffic and revenue controls
  • Preferred parking areas
  • Revenue controls
  • Monthly parking/validation management
  • Directions and maps