Comprehensive Solutions

SP+ Security Services offers comprehensive, cost-effective protection to client properties. Taking a consultative approach, we begin each client relationship with a needs assessment during which our cross-functional management team observes the environment and listens to client concerns. Then, looking beyond template solutions, we produce a plan that custom-tailors to the site.

Our expertise allows us to work with owners and managers of office environments on safeguarding tenants, clients and property through methods such as credentialing. We have also helped property owners and homeowner associations organize guard patrols and entrance- and exit-gate services at their homes. By working with local law officials, we have assisted retail centres and business districts in overseeing crowd control and managing crimes such as petty larceny and theft.

We understand the various security and public safety risks that can occur in different environments, and have worked closely with clients in developing solutions that will safeguard people and their property.

Our services include:

  • Design, installation and operation of integrated security systems
  • Automated real-time reporting system
  • Partnerships with established providers specializing in security technology