“Green” Business Practices

We work hard to develop and apply electronic systems and processes to eliminate massive amounts of paper waste from our administrative processes.

  • We were awarded Oracle’s “Empower the Green Enterprise” Award in recognition of our use of technology and re-engineered back office processes that are estimated to save 312 tons of paper, 600,000 pounds of solid waste, 24 tons of trees, 19,000 pounds of emissions and 5.1 million gallons of water each year.
  • Our proprietary Client View SM financial reporting software provides clients with secure, around-the-clock, online access to financial statements and supporting documentation. The system therefore enables clients to print only those documents they need if and when the need arises. Our development of this system has eliminated the need to print over 40,000 packages of hard copy financial reports each year.
  • Our procurement and accounts payable processes have been converted to electronic, online systems.  In addition to becoming more efficient from speed and financial control standpoints, the processes have eliminated paper use.
  • We instituted a fully automated, web-based electronic expense reporting and reimbursement system. Expense receipts are uploaded electronically and linked to an associated electronic expense report that in turn is submitted electronically for processing and reimbursement via direct deposit. All without creating a single sheet of paper.
  • We eliminated the substantial waste associated with conventional paper-based time and attendance recording systems by converting to an electronic, paperless time and attendance system.
  • Our Enterprise Content Management initiative will revise our entire corporate culture regarding paper use and document storage. Historical practices of printing and storing hard paper copies will be replaced by a Company-wide electronic document storage system.