“Green” Service Operations

Our focus on sustainable practices has produced results throughout our field operations. Some examples:

  • Our custom-developed training curriculum, delivered through our proprietary SP+ UniversitySM training system, focuses specifically on waste water reclamation and hazardous solid waste disposal procedures that comply with federal and local environmental rules and regulations.
  • Based on EPA statistics, the environmental benefit of converting just 100 inefficient light fixtures is an annual reduction of 107,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 434 pounds of sulfur dioxide and 175 pounds of nitrogen oxides. We already have helped convert literally thousands of old light fixtures in parking facilities to newer, more efficient models.
  • Our proprietary Click and Park reservation system lets customers reserve and pay for their parking in advance. This helps drivers save fuel and reduce carbon emissions by not having to search for available parking.  In addition, the system’s proprietary routing software can provide user-specific driving directions that integrate roadway capacity data to identify a route that is more likely to avoid traffic jams and minimize travel times, thus further reducing carbon emissions.
  • Our proprietary Click and Ride online reservation system lets customers reserve bus seating and leave their cars at home. The system played a key role in our receipt of the environmental Sustainability Star award for our work at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.
  • We give priority to doing business with suppliers committed to sustainable practices. One example is our selection of ticket suppliers who print tickets on partially recycled paper using only environmentally-friendly inks, and who ship the tickets to us in boxes made from recycled materials.
  • We’re adept at procuring and maintaining vehicles that use alternative fuels, including buses that run on compressed natural gas (CNG). We currently operate more than 50 CNG vehicles across the country.
  • At our parking facilities, we can implement custom-designed car pool programs for monthly parkers. We also developed our SPOKESSM bicycle program, which provides monthly parking customers with complimentary use of custom designed beach cruisers to go places that otherwise would require automobile use.
  • A variety of additional eco-sensitive practices in our parking facilities include (i) installation of complimentary vehicle charging stations to accommodate electric vehicles, (ii) complimentary air pumps to enable patrons to maximize fuel efficiency through properly inflated tires and (iii) the use of green office and cleaning supplies and the reduction of paper use wherever possible.