Performance Management

We offer a wide range of reports for clients to actively monitor the performance of their operations. We deliver reports on vehicle availability, on-time performance, passenger counts, vehicle mileage and engine hours, maintenance activities, incidents, and customer survey results.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

Our operations require pre-trip and post-trip inspections at the beginning and end of each shift. The results of the Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports are recorded and reviewed daily by maintenance management personnel. In the case of minor or non-safety related defects, we schedule the bus for repair at the most efficient time. In the case of critical safety defects, the system alerts key management personnel via email so that immediate action can be taken to ensure that the vehicle is not dispatched and repaired as soon as possible.

Vehicle Availability and Maintenance Reports

Daily vehicle out of service reports notify managers of vehicles that are unavailable for service or are waiting for maintenance. We also reduce vehicle maintenance times and operating costs through strict inventory management procedures that ensure repair parts are available at all times.