Safety and Security

SP-Plus-Municipal-Parking-SecurityOur managed parking facilities are always clean and well-lit, with easy-to-follow pedestrian way-finding signage and clearly marked emergency signs and exits clear. Our parking staff maintains a conspicuous, reassuring presence through motorized and foot patrols. When an emergency occurs, our specialists react quickly and are trained to follow established emergency procedures and to work closely with university police and with local law, fire and emergency personnel.

When additional layers of security are required, we can tap additional security resources. This can be done through third-party vendors or, in select markets, our SP+ Security team, whose professionally trained and licensed security guards use state-of-the-art, integrated systems.

Our services offer:

  • Security guard services
  • Bicycle, foot and vehicle patrols
  • Client risk-management reviews
  • Vehicle patrol services
  • Integrated security services

To learn more about our security services, please contact us.