SP+ University Services offers university clients a broad array of subject matter expertise and best practices experience coupled with an unparalleled depth of resources to address the entire spectrum of campus access, whether through parking, transportation, maintenance, technology, or special events.


  • Parking and Access Management

    We provide high-quality parking services, vigilant cost and revenue control systems, and innovative technologies… Learn more

  • Parking Planning

    We provide expert analysis of parking demand and solutions to maximize campus access… Learn more

  • Shuttle Buses

    We work directly with clients to address all aspects associated with transporting people around campus… Learn more

  • Event Logistics

    Our event logistics experts manage the movement of people to and from campus sporting events, conferences, assemblies and private events… Learn more

  • Facility Maintenance

    Our maintenance team offers a wide range of preventive and restorative services to keep campus parking facilities looking crisp and appealing… Learn more