The Friendliest Unit on Campus – SP+ at George Mason University

George Mason University

Since 2005, SP+ University Services has supported George Mason University in the permitting, management, meter collections and enforcement of parking operations in numerous parking decks and lots with more than 11,000 spaces. The main campus is located in Fairfax, Virginia and the institution serves a student population of 32,562.

SP+ developed a winning formula that resulted in better service and improved bottom line performance. Our team initiated SWOT analysis of the operation including robust and transparent discussions with George Mason University. This analysis allowed for the development of goals, strategies and measurements of success.

We established a goal of becoming the friendliest unit on campus. Training was developed for all staff with special emphasis on the customer facing team. Unit specific customer surveys were developed to gauge success based on the recognition that customers appreciate having an opportunity to share their experiences. Our team is committed to receiving the feedback and making adjustments where possible and appropriate.